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Afghanistan Currency

To know about Afghanistan currency is also important before flying. You must have Afghanistan currency with you if you are flying from anywhere to Afghanistan. Afghan Afghani is the name of the currency of Afghanistan. One Afghan Afghani is equal to hundred pul (coins). Afghanistan currency is issued by Da Afghanistan Bank which is the central bank of the country. Previously in past years, coins are in circulation, but now only bank notes are used as Afghanistan currency. The available bank notes are of 1 AFN, 2 AFN, 5 AFN, 10 AFN, 20 AFN, 50 AFN, 100 AFN, 500 AFN, and 1000 AFN.

Afghanistan Currency AFN to USD and PKR

For the information of traveler, traveling to Afghanistan 1 USD is equal to 73.6 AFN. One Turkish rupee is equal to 1.68 AFN. However, the daily exchange rates are updated as the price of dollar changes. You can also take dollars along with you while traveling and exchange them to Afghanistan currency on arrival at the airport. The international airports in Afghanistan have currency exchanges available on site. But make sure that you take dollars if you don’t want to take Afghanistan currency with you because the dollar can be exchanged anywhere in the world.

Information For Turkish Travellers

On the other hand, if you are traveling from Turkey or any other south Asian country, it is advised to take AFN from your home country. The only limited number of currency exchanger have Turkish rupee exchanging facility. We hope that our brief guide about Afghanistan currency will help you while traveling to Afghanistan.


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