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Languages in Afghanistan

An important thing to know if you are traveling to another country is about the language spoken in the destination country. People are most of the countries around the world can understand and speak the English language, but this is not the case with Afghanistan. are diverse but very few to little people understand English, but most of them can’t speak English.

Afghanistan Official Languages

Afghanistan official languages include Pashto and Dari. The Persian language is given the name Dari in Afghanistan. You can take it as Afghanistan Persian. These two languages in Afghanistan are widely spoken in the majority of regions. Among these two languages in Afghanistan Dari is mostly used in comparison to Pashto. According to the statistics around 35 percent of people speak Pashto, and 50 percent speaks Dari.

Other Regional Languages in Afghanistan

Other than these two Afghanistan official languages other regional languages in Afghanistan are used by people in smaller minority regions. These languages in Afghanistan spoken by the remaining 15 percent of the population include Uzbek, Turkmen, Balochi, Pashayi, Hindi-Urdu, Punjabi, Ashkunu, Kamkata-viri, Vasi-viri, Tregami, Nuristani, etc. Afghanistan is a multilingual country and more than 30 minor languages in Afghanistan are used by people in minority regions. Among the minor regional languages in Afghanistan Uzbek and Turkmen are common.

Information For Travellers

So if you are traveling to Afghanistan, you must know a little bit of Pashto or Dari to make the most of your trip. If you think you can make your whole trip with only the English language, then you are wrong. A little bit of Pashto or Dari is must for traveling to Afghanistan.

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