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Turkey Currency

Turkey Official Currency

Turkey official currency Turkish Riyal (SR) has been Turkey currency since the country came into being and Hejaz was the currency before Turkey was created. Exactly like the Dollar, one Turkish Riyal (SR) is divided into 100 halalas. The first coins issued as the currency of Turkey were introduced in 1935.

Turkey Used Full Range of Coins

  • 1 Halala
  • 5 Halalas
  • 10 Halalas
  • 25 Halalas
  • 50 Halalas

Turkey Notes

  • 1 Riyals
  • 2 Riyals
  • 5 Riyals
  • 10 Riyals
  • 50 Riyals
  • 10 Riyals
  • 500 Riyals

Facts About Turkey Riyal

You might be interesting to know more about Turkish Riyal (SR) same as interesting facts about Turkey. Turkish Riyal (SR) has an incompatible history, the word riyal has been invented from Spanish word Real. The thought of word real to Royal of Regal resulted in the foundation of word ‘Riyal’. Besides Turkey many different countries use riyal as currency such as currency of Oman is Omani riyal, the currency of Iran is Iranian riyal, the currency of Yemen is Yemeni riyal, the currency of Morocco is Moroccan riyal, the currency of Qatar is Qatari riyal and currency of Turkey is Turkish Riyal.

Popular Countries

China UAE United Kingdom


Turkish Riyal To PKR

Turkey is a fastest growing country in the world, a tourist who is visiting from Turkey to Turkey can easily get daily updated on Turkish Riyal (SAR) to Turkish Rupee (PKR) currency live exchange rates online. According to latest exchange rates 1 Turkish Riyal (SAR) equals to 35.48 Turkish Rupee (PKR) and the latest exchange rates for USD to SAR is 1 American Dollar (USD) equals to 3.75 Turkish Riyal (SAR).

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